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I got 16.11


I somehow skipped to the end but idk how I did i

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if u dont skip window but spam q, e and space during window u skip family. Idk if its better than window skip + newspaper skip

I speedran it in 16.07

if you spam q,e, and space as your about to go to newspaper part you can skip it

Bro how do you do the newspaper skip

i speedran it



I found an glitch if you spam e and space while getting out of the bed you can skip opening the window, a time save

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by spamming e and space, i immediately skipped to the hug family part

lil3875293875298 no glitches



i fu##ing hate thit]s



Not even gonna lie this game can suck my dick


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Tbh I Never Thought So Many Users Would Fight Over An Opinion 

And Fucking Second Of All This Was A Joke Game No Need To Be Cocky And Ruin The Fun

overall it is really funny.


There are no glitches, the game is kinda boring. But it's awesome overall!

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can't hear it


I only found two ways to skip. The skip through the window and the skip getting out of the bed. Are there any more ways to skip? I spent 1-hour trying to find what button combo to press to get newspaper skip. If you know the way pls tell me. 


Nvm I found it

what do you do




cool meme dude!




I have never seen so many swears in my life


cause hes a good game developer


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this game sux

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I use this version when speedrunning

Controller support is something i want


how i make gliches?